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August 31, 2006

Climate Outdoor Launches New Website
Media Relations - Climate Outdoor Inc.,

Vancouver, BC - In an effort to help boost Climate's appeal among consumers and retailers, Climate Outdoor Inc. has launched a completely redesigned website at

The website coincides with the launch of our Fall 2006 collection and highlights some of the unique programs and products on offer from Climate. The site is easier to navigate, focuses on Climate's unique range of products and technologies, and provides news, updates and information on Climate's partners, sponsorships and affiliations. The site also features detailed information on Climate's industry leading Custom Sales program.

“The goal of the site is to create a clean, user-friendly and product focused site so that consumers can become more educated about Climate products�? said newly appointed Sales and Marketing Director Mark Lavigne. The company worked with Vancouver, BC based Odin Sports to revamp the web site. “The site enables us to highlight Climate's quality, our unique position in regards to customization of technical apparel and enhance the consumer demand to research a product before buying. We also see this as a great tool for dealers and provide them with a level of confidence that we are moving forward and willing show our sense of adventure.�?

The website is also being used to launch Climate's new tagline [adventure anywhere] which forms part of Climate's new philosophy. "We want to be a technical brand but not only for those who are going to those hard-to-reach places," said Lavigne. "We want to support all levels of adventure and create a culture that encourages anyone and everyone to go out and adventure anywhere."

Further to the website, Climate is in the midst of enhancing it's partnerships with groups, organizations and athletes who are involved in the industry. Climate is also keying in on its "Made in Canada" appeal and it's ability to customized garments according to specifications. The goal is to be the most flexible and customizable outdoor apparel company in the industry and blend the customization with a superior in-line collection. The company also intends on launching an [adventure anywhere] contest as well as an e-newsletter to highlight new products, athletes and other information relevant to the season.