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August 31, 2006

Proudly Made in Canada
Media Relations - Climate Outdoor Inc.,

Did you say Made in Canada?

Climate Outdoor apparel is, in fact, 100% Made in Canada.

While fabrics are sourced from around the world, Climate aims to have its finger on the pulse of its own production and can only do so by designing, manufacturing, and producing all of its apparel in Canada. Using new technologies, quality working conditions and with a continuous eye on every phase of production Climate can ensure that each and every product that leaves the factory floor is ready to stand the test of time...and the elements.

“Using Canadian based manufacturing enables us to stay true to our mission of creating high quality, high performance outdoor apparel suitable for all levels of adventure" said Mark Lavigne, Climate Sales and Marketing Director.

The benefit of using their own manufacturing facility goes beyond quality control and on-time production. "What sets us apart from other brands is that we can also accommodate unique requests, custom orders and small order quantities. We expect that our Custom Sales program will distinguish Climate from other brands, not only in terms of quality but in terms of flexibility in our range of products."

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