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Our Pro Sales program is a way for us to give back to everyone who gives so much to be involved in the outdoor industry. Our pro sales program is geared to enthusiasts - be they amateurs or pros - who can help us evolve in our industry they way they encourage and push people to excel in theirs.

From professional climbers to downhill ski junkies - our Pro Sales Program is intended to give individuals and groups who are active in the industry a few additional benefits.

Here are a few of the categories who qualify for our Pro Sales Program:

Adventure Guide | Avalanche Professionals | City, Provincial and Federal Parks employees | Coast Guard or Search and Rescue | Fly Fishing Individuals and Groups | Outdoor Educators | Paddling Instructors | Ski/Snowboard Instructors | Ski Guide Services | Ski Patrol |

If you think you qualify for our Pro Sales program and would like to apply, please click on this link below to download our complete registration form.


For a quick reply, please email your completed form to us at
Pro Sales